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Donald Trump’s Daughter To Celebrate Diwali At A Hindu Temple With Indian-American Community

Published on 23 October, 2016 at 4:47 pm By

US presidential candidate Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka is expected to celebrate Diwali at a Hindu temple in the state of Virginia with the members of the Indian-American community.

The community there has traditionally supported the Democratic party in the US polls.


Ivanka Trump will celebrate Diwali with Indian-Americans during her visit to the Rajdhani Temple at Chantilly on Wednesday, campaign officials and community leaders said.

This is the first time a family member of one of the presidential candidates is visiting a Hindu temple.

Well, Trump is going out of is way to please the Indian community. He also visited  a charity event organised by Republican Hindu Council to raise funds for Kashmiri Pandits and Hindu victims of terrorism in Bangladesh.

There were more than 5,000 people present in the event.



The community believes that Ivanka’s presence would go a long way in breaking the stereotype.

“It would go a long way in breaking the stereotype  that the campaign represents only angry white voters. This is a big positive for the community,” said Rajesh Gooty, an Indian-American community leader in Virginia.


The 34-year-old business woman has been a key figure in Trump’s campaign.

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