This Italian Singing Nun Gave Judges At The Voice Of Italy The Shock Of Their Lives

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4:00 pm 23 Mar, 2014


Can you imagine a singing nun? A nun is seen as one of the more ordained kind who is expected to conduct herself in a manner considered puritanical in the eyes of the society. So, can a nun appear on a reality show, and sing and dance? Certainly! And what joy when you see a nun singing like a pop icon! Italian nun Sister Cristina Scuccia, all of 25, gave the judges at Voice of Italy the shock of their lives with her singing abilities and vivacious nature. And when asked if a nun should appear on such a platform, she has an answer Pope Francis would be proud of. We suggest you turn on the captions (marked as a box) at the bottom right of the video, and discover an Italian singing nun who can very soon take the world of music by storm.



Credit: The Voice of Italy via official YouTube channel.

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