It Is Science, Not Magic, But What This Pen Called LIX Does Is Magical

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7:00 am 25 Jul, 2014


Would you not like to draw in mid-air? You’d, if you get a chance. “We need a magic pen for that!” you say. No, you need a LIX pen. Manufactured by LIX, the pen can also be called a 3D printer pen, as it makes 3D models of everything you draw using it.

1. You can draw whatever you want using a LIX pen because it works similar to a 3D- Printer.


2. A plastic filament inside the pen is first heated up by the nozzle, and then as it cools down you instantly create any design you want.


3. The plastic inside the pen heats up in a minute allowing it to melt. You can power it via a USB cable.



4. Once it’s hot, like a soldering iron, you’re ready to start designing.


5. Anything like this (notice the backs).


6. Or like this.


7. You can become Michelangelo if you want.


8. While other 3D doodle pens have been created before, the LIX Pen is smaller and has a finer tip than the rest of them… but it’s also a bit more expensive.


9. The price is high, no doubt, but the results you can achieve using this pen is priceless.



To know more about this revolutionary pen, visit the official website of LIX.