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Istanbul Attack Claimed Lives Of Two Indians, Including Son Of A Former MP, A Bollywood Producer

Published on 2 January, 2017 at 9:23 am By

The year 2017 started on a sour note, with Turkey’s capital Istanbul facing this year’s first terror attack just an hour after the clock struck midnight.



Among the 39 lives that the terror attack claimed, 15 were those of foreigners including two Indians.

Announcing the bad news, Union minister Sushma Swaraj on January 1 took to Twitter and disclosed the identity of the two Indians that were killed in Istanbul.


While the shooting till now has claimed lives of 39 people, the toll could still go up as 65 others have been left wounded.

While disclosing the identity of the two victims, Swaraj identified Abis Rizvi, who is the eldest son of UP lawmaker Akhtar Hasan Rizvi who is also a former Rajya Sabha MP.

The other victim was identified as Khushi Shah, a resident of Gujarat.



Abis was a noted real estate developer from Mumbai who produced the Bollywood movie, Roar: The Tigers of Sundarbans.


Abis Rizvi (L) is the eldest son former MP Akhtar Hasan Rizvi (R)

Swaraj later tweeted about speaking to victims parents and expressing her condolences to them.


Abis and Khushi were in Istanbul’s Reina nightclub when they along with 37 others were gunned down around 1:15 am by a man dressed as Santa Clause.


The assailant is still at large.

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