ISRO Unveils First ‘Made In India’ Spacesuit. But Instead Of Feeling Proud, Trolls Are Criticizing It!

4:06 pm 8 Sep, 2018


Remember PM Modi’s 2018 Independence Day Speech? In his rhetoric monologue, PM Modi gave us a glimpse of a major development India is going to make in the upcoming years. We are almost 4 years away from the launch of the Gaganyaan project, India’s first-ever manned space mission. 2022 is going to be a glorious year and will strengthen India’s imprint on the world map. ISRO is gearing up for the mission and we have got the first details about this remarkable project.

According to a report, the Gaganyaan module, precisely known as the Orbital Module will include the service module and the crew module. As seen in many sci-fi films, sending a man into space isn’t that easy! And ISRO has been taking a note of the detailing required to achieve this target.



Latest technologies have been used by ISRO including the re-entry mission capability, crew module configuration, thermal protection system, a space suit prototype and a crew escape system.

In the past two years, the orange-coloured suit prototype was developed at the Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre which is located in Thiruvananthapuram.



This suit will hold one oxygen cylinder and provide breathing time of 60 minutes in space. It has been reported that three astronauts will be going to space and therefore three suits are required, out of which two have already been developed.



Reportedly, the three astronauts will travel in the crew module capsule, which will orbit the Earth. They will remain in flight for five to seven days. They will also be able to see India in every 24 hours and will conduct experiments on micro-gravity. In every ninety minutes, the capsule will rotate around the Earth and the astronauts will be able to see the sunrise and the sunset.

When the astronauts will re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere, it will turn into a ball of flame travelling towards the earth. The temperature inside the capsule will remain around 25 degree Celsius and the astronauts will be able to see the burning flames while entering the Earth’s atmosphere. It will land in the Arabian sea on the coast of Gujarat and will be lifted by the Indian Navy and Coast Guard.



ISRO will also receive the project related guidance from the French government. As soon as the internet got to know about the color of the spacesuits that have been designed for the astronauts, people started talking about it. Here are some of the tweets which slammed the usage of saffron color for the suits instead of feeling proud of this achievement.















Do you think giving this incredible achievement a political hue is justified? We should be proud of the ISRO, for spending thousands of days on this project and making an impossible dream possible for India, rather than scrutinizing the color chosen for the spacesuits.