Israel, India To Sign Rs 50,000 Cr Weapons Deal To Buy Litening-4, Spice Precision Bombs

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7:39 pm 29 Feb, 2016

India and Israel are expected to ink a significant defence deal worth over Rs 50,000 crore for Seeker technology ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Tel Aviv later this year.

This advanced technology will help India produce smart weapons within the country and rapidly modernise missile and rocket system used by the IAF, Army and Navy.

Here is what India is looking at:











“There have already been more than 20 meetings between the sides following disagreements in the price,”an Indian Defense Ministry official has said. The agreement will be finalised soon.

Indian military is in urgent need of 3rd generation anti-tank missiles, and needs to arm their 382 infantry divisions and 44 armored divisions. The NDA Government in 2014 had selected the Israeli Spike ATGM over the US Javelin missile system, but the actual contract could not be inked due to some issues.

India and Israel are closely involved in over 30 projects, including development of radars, electronic warfare systems and satellite based command and control systems for the three Services.

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