Islamists In Odisha Force 6-Year-Old Muslim Girl Who Won Bhagavad Gita Competition To Leave School

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6:53 pm 15 Sep, 2017


Remember Firdaus Khatun? She is a six-year-old girl from Odisha who secured the first position in a Bhagavad Gita recitation competition in Kendrapara district. The little girl left everyone amazed with her perfect recitation skill of the Hindu holy book at the competition held in March this year. Her mother, Arifa Bibi, was credited for supporting Firdaus throughout the competition.


Firdaus Khatun at her school. Biswaranjan Rout/The Hindu

And now, reports say, Firdaus has been pulled out of the school where she studied by her parents. Why?

According to The New Indian Express, the girl’s parents have been under immense pressure from Islamists in Odisha to pull out the girl ever since she participated in and won the competition.


Firdaus’ mother told TNIE that the Class I student had to be withdrawn from school just because the clerics opposed the child reading a Hindu holy book.

Arifa said that her husband who works in Saudi Arabia – a Wahhabi bastion – also instructed her to admit Firdaus in another school. She said:

“Many of our relatives and religious leaders expressed their unhappiness after getting to know that Firdosh was reciting ‘Gita’ in the residential school instead of reading ‘Koran’.”

TNIE also quotes a Moulvi of a local mosque accusing Firdaus’ school, Sovaniya Sikhyashram, for forcing children to read the Gita and promoting religious education.

According to the school authorities, Firdaus and her 8-year-old brother were the only two Muslim students in the entire school.


Firdaus holding the Bhagavad Gita. News18

It should be noted that Arifa has been extremely supportive of her daughter reading the Gita. Following her daughter’s win, she had told the media that she is immensely satisfied and proud, and had credited the school teachers for the success of her daughter.

Muslim fundamentalists have been forcing many Muslims to stay away from Hindus and Hinduism using the one-sided Leftist versions of secularism and liberalism as tools.

At around the time of Firdaus’ win, Islamic clerics in Assam had issued a fatwa against 16-year-old singer Nahid Afrin calling her performance at Indian Idol Junior as ‘anti-Sharia’.


The REAL picture that this incident reveals:

In the name of religious freedom and secularism as preached by the Leftists in India, the Islamists have been issuing fatwas or pressurizing Muslims in one way or another to stay away from genuine secular values. What is of concern is that over the last few years, an increase in the influence of Saudi-sponsored madrasas in the country have led to a change in the Muslim society in the country. The Saudi Arabian Wahhabism is puritanical and violently rejects the idea of mixing with people of other faiths. It is basically everything that the genuine liberals and seculars – not the politically-aligned propagandists in the media – vehemently oppose.


Yet in spite of the case of increasing fundamentalism in the community, the champions of liberalism and secularism in the media are conspicuous by their silence. At the time of writing, not a single voice which jumps to branding Hindus as terrorists at the slightest opportunity and Hindutva as the “greatest threat” to India’s secular values had posted a tweet in support of Firdaus and condemn the clerics who forced her out of school in the name of puritanical Islam.

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