Islamic State May Have Already Set Foot In Pakistan. Here’s Why It Will Grow Stronger.

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7:01 pm 23 Nov, 2015


A Pew Research report conducted on 11 countries revealed that all but one overwhelmingly hate the Islamic State or ISIS.

This is the chart.

ISIS views

The one exception is our neighbour, Pakistan. Only 28 per cent of those surveyed have an unfavourable opinion of the barbarians.

Sixty-two per cent have no opinion. Just to highlight in case you overlooked the chart:



ISIS views 2

It is a very dangerous sign for the world and India. Why?

IS is already holding a training camp in, or near, Pakistan at a place it calls ‘Wilayat Khorasan’.

Experts say it is somewhere along the northern borders of Afghanistan and Pakistan.


Here are pictures from the place showing Islamic State militants receiving training.



Note the background. It has tall pine trees nestled between scenic mountains – a geographic feature common to the western part of PoK.



Pakistan claims it will not let Islamic State set foot in the country. Truth is, it already has.


Pakistan is an ideal ground for Islamic State because of factors favourable to them such as existing terror camps.


ISIS in Pakistan


Pakistan is a safe haven for terrorists. The US found Osama hiding in Pakistan.


Wikimedia Commons

Image released by US special forces shows the compound in Abbottabad where Osama lived. Wikimedia Commons

The 26/11 Mumbai Attacks were conducted by LeT and operated from Pakistan.

A former Pakistani top cop admitted that Pakistan played a prominent role in the 2008 Mumbai attacks.


Hafiz Saeed Pak


Terrorists thrive and strike with impunity both within and outside the country.

They killed children at a school in Peshawar.


The government of Pakistan has not been able to neutralize the terrorists in the country.

Their war on terror has yielded little. Terrorist attacks continue in the NWFP (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa). They keep on receiving aid in the name of war on terror but much of it flows to fund its plans against India.


Sectarian violence is a regular feature in Pakistan, making it the go-to land for the IS barbarians.

Bombings at Shia places of worship and persecution of the minority communities have been happening on a wide scale in Pakistan since 2010.

Then there is the Blasphemy Law, which gives the widest scope of misuse against minorities.

Case in point is of Asia Bibi who faces execution in a 2009 blasphemy case.


Asia Bibi


Instead of denouncing terrorism, Pakistan developed a popular perception dividing them on the lines of ‘good’ and ‘bad’.

Obviously, the good are those who attack India.




There is more.

Thousands of madrassas in Pakistan are unregistered and promote jihadi thinking.

In Balochistan alone, more than 3,000 of the province’s 5,441 madrassas are not registered but receive foreign aid from countries such as Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is from where IS has received a lot of funding.


ISIS in Madrassas

Express Tribune

The Pakistani establishment is suppressing the rights of Balochs, who are demanding the independent state of Balochistan.

In doing so they are systematically killing many Balochs. A terrorist group Tanzeemal Islam-ul-Furqan shut down girls’ schools in Balochistan. The Pakistani establishment is not against it AND it received moral support from IS.


ISIS in Pakistan

Balochi students protesting the killing of a professor. The Express Tribune

The people of Pakistan are otherwise peace-loving, but the Pew research report which shows a very high percentage of the swing population is alarming. Experts claim that a large number of Pakistanis are supportive of the IS caliphate views.

Pakistan’s economic condition and this huge ‘undecided’ population would be a cause of worry for both the peace-loving Pakistanis and their neighbours.



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