Islamic State Is Teaching Jihad In Kerala And That Is A Big Worry For Security Agencies

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8:06 pm 30 Aug, 2016

Yasmin Ahmed, a radicalized school teacher from Kerala, has revealed to authorities that the Islamic State is running jihad classes in Kerala.

Yasmin was arrested from Delhi on August 2 while she was trying to fly to Kabul. She said that in the guise of Islamic sermons, the IS is imparting terror lessons.

She is the second wife of Abdul Rashid, a native of Kasaragod and an IS recruiter who indoctrinated at least 21 Kerala youths into the barbaric terror organization.


A file photo of Yasmin Ahmed. Tehalka

A file photo of Yasmin Ahmed. Tehalka

Abdul is believed to have fled to Afghanistan.

Yasmin, 29, hails from Bihar and arrived in Kerala some three years ago to teach at Peace International School in Malappuram.

According to the NIA, which is investigating the IS involvement in recruiting youth from Kerala, Yasmin met Abdul at the school.

Indian security agencies have arrested at least 40 people since mid-2014 for being suspected IS operatives or sympathisers, including Mehdi Masroor Biswas and Arif Majeed.

Yasmeen is currently held by the Kerala police but NIA has sought her remand.

Her revelation has put the Left Democratic Front (LDF) government in Kerala in the dock. That the IS recruiters are holding jihad classes in the state raises serious questions on security and governance.





In July prominent social activist Hameed Chennamangaloor had pointed out that the state government is ignoring the flags raised by security forces because Muslims are a big vote bank.

Muslims constitute 26 per cent of Kerala’s population.

Chennamangaloor had said that Congress-led UDF and CPM-led Left Democratic Front (LDF) are silent supporters of religious fundamentalists because of the vote bank reason.

“Both the LDF and UDF politicians want to somehow please the vote bank (in this case state’s 26 percent Muslims), come to power and make money for personal gains. They do not care if the state perishes in the process or not. The secular parties are responsible for this,” Chennnamangaloor said.


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