The Flesh Of ISIS Barbarians Is Being Consumed By ‘Rose of Jericho’ Disease. Allah’s Wrath?

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8:00 pm 8 Apr, 2015

There is something rotten going on in ISIS lands. It is like a plague, and it is so horrendous that even the butchers of humanity are of terrified sick of it.

They are under attack from a skin disease called leishmaniasis. The disease is caused by protozoan parasites and is transmitted by the bite of female sand fly.



Since the infection appears as read sores in its initial stages, it is dubbed the “Rose of Jericho”. The sores can leave behind permanent scars on the body. In its most extreme case, the infection can damage the liver and spleen, and cause anemia.

The spread of the disease has aggravated because of poor hygiene conditions in the ISIS ruled territories. To complicate matters, there are hardly any medical experts left in the areas because most of them fled with the arrival of ISIS. It is believed that the disease has affected over 100,000 cases.

Twitter was particularly happy about the news.



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