ISIS Chief Al Baghdadi Poisoned By Assassin, Said To Be ‘Seriously Ill’

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1:40 pm 4 Oct, 2016

Chief of terrorist outfit Islamic State (IS) Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, has reportedly been poisoned by an assassin and is now seriously ill.

IS Chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

According to media reports, the meal that was prepared for Baghdadi and three of his top commanders in Nineveh’s Be’aaj district was reportedly poisoned and the four are now suffering from “severe poisoning”.

After the incident, all four militants have been transferred to an unknown location by IS, who is taking “strict measures” to secure their safety.

The media reports further quote an Iraqi news agency and say that IS has launched a campaign to track down and arrest those responsible for poisoning so they can be punished.

While reports claim that Baghdadi has been poisoned, identities of his three commanders are still unknown.

Baghdadi few years back broke away from Al-Qaeda and formed an independent terrorist outfit call IS which is now arguably the most powerful and wealthiest jihadi organisation in the world.


Baghdadi’s real name is Ibrahim Awad Ibrahim and he is believed to be from Samarra, north of Baghdad.


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