ISIS’s Plot To Assassinate PM Modi Is Foiled By Gujarat ATS. Twitterati Lands Into A Debate Over Details.

12:40 pm 11 May, 2018


Being the country head is not only about making decisions but also being under the constant threat. Given the popularity of PM Narendra Modi, it is no wonder that many have tried to intimidate him by issuing death threats.

However, it is for the first time that the risk was so close to home. Recently, Anti Terror Squad (ATS) intercepted messages revealing how a sniper was given the task of killing PM Modi. Not only that they also arrested people with the intent and filed a chargesheet against them.



In the chargesheet, it’s mentioned that the intention of targeting the PM was expressed in a conversation by Ubaid Mirza on a messaging app. The person on the other side of the communication was an alleged ISIS operative. The part of the conversation that alerted the authorities read:

“Yeah, let’s take out Modi with a sniper rifle”

Mirza, the main accused, is a practicing lawyer. The other accused Kasim Stimberwala is a lab technician in Sardar Patel Hospital and Heart Institute. Prior to their arrest, they were planning to escape to Jamaica to join the jihadi activities.

This is not the first time, they were also previously arrested on suspension of attack during Gujarat assembly polls in 2017. ATS further revealed that they were planning an attack on Jews in Mumbai and Ahmedabad.

Naturally, Twitter reacted to the news. There were some who asked the PM to be safe while the others doubted the news. Here are some of the mixed reactions:









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