Ishrat Jahan, One Of The Petitioners Of The Triple Talaq Case, Faces Character Assassination And Social Boycott

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7:00 pm 25 Aug, 2017


Ishrat Jahan, one of the petitioners for triple talaq case, is now facing a social boycott and character assassination on social media and in real life.

Jahan is being ostracized by her in-laws and neighbors in Howrah’s Pilhana, where she currently resides. Even though the rest of the world is commending her boldness to fight for social justice and gender equality, her neighborhood has smeared her in a boycott and character assassination. Jahan, whose husband divorced her in 2014 over a phone call from Dubai, had approached the Supreme Court with an aim to render triple talaq unconstitutional.

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Jahan commented,


Ever since the Supreme Court verdict has come in it has opened floodgates of expletives, insulting remarks and comments targeted at my character assassination from my neighbours and in-laws. I have to hear words like gandi aurat (bad woman), enemy of men and unislamic. Many neighbours have even stopped speaking to me.

Jahan resides in Howrah in a house that was bought by her husband in 2014 with the dowry money. She lives with her brother-in-law and his family with her four children. Jahan said that she has found a strength to take off her veil and face the world.

She said,

I am shocked, sad and I feel unsafe staying in this house. After such a long battle I don’t have any strength left to fight these people. I want to focus on my four children now. I realised that I am not a victim anymore. I want other women to see me and understand that if an ordinary woman like me can fight for her rights, so can they.

Not only Jahan, her lawyer, Nazia Illahi Khan has also been receiving shameful messages. She has been trolled over social media and has been ridiculed for her fight for justice.