Ishant Sharma Opens Up About His First Meeting With His Wife, Pratima Singh, And It’s Hilarious AF

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5:41 pm 19 Jul, 2017


Cricket is a religion in our country. There is hardly any other sport that is given as much importance as cricket. Indian cricketers are internationally famous whereas players of other sports have to put a lot of effort to make a name even within the nation.

Ishant Sharma is one of those cricketers whose wife is a player of another sport. Ishant’s wife Pratima is a basketball star and, just like other players, she also envies cricketers for all the attention they get in our country.

Cricketer Ishant Sharma with wife Pratima Singh. blogspot


Newlywed Ishant Sharma was on the popular show ‘What The Duck’ when he shared some hilarious things about his marriage. Talking about his first meeting with Pratima, Ishant said that it took almost two years for Pratima Singh to accept Ishant’s Facebook request.

Ishant said that he was invited as a chief guest to a local basketball tournament that was arranged by his friend. Ishant’s friend was Pratima’s sister. As Pratima was injured at the time, she wasn’t playing in the tournament but was a scorer in the match. The beautiful scorer caught the eye of Ishant Sharma. Unaware of the fact that Pratima was a basketball star, Ishant joked with his friend that the tournament has a beautiful scorer, unlike the ones that cricket matches have. His friend told him that Pratima excelled in basketball and introduced him to her.

Ishant Sharma’s engagement ceremony.


Pratima used to hate cricketers as she felt that cricketers take away all the attention and the players of other sports stay unrecognized. With time, they started meeting often and became friendly. Ishant succeeded in clearing her doubts. But, Pratima still feels that Basketball is a tougher sport than cricket. However, Ishant does try to convince her that his job as a fast bowler is not easy either.

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