Hater Interrupted Ishant Sharma And His Wife’s Love Talks, Got Thrashed By The Couple In An Epic Way

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5:17 pm 18 Jan, 2018


The Indian cricket team in on a tour to South Africa and will play three Tests, six ODIs and three T20s during the tour that ends on February 24. It is the first time that Virat is playing any match after his marriage and it must be very difficult for the newlywed couple to stay away from each other soon after the marriage.


However, it’s not just Virat who is missing his wife. Team India’s fast bowler, Ishant Sharma is also missing his beautiful wife Pratima Singh. Ishant’s wife Pratima is a basketball player who represents India on a national level.



Pratima posted a pic with an inspirational quote. The picture showed that Pratima got hurt while playing. Here’s what she wrote in the caption:

“Thats the sign of an athlete going really hard on the court #winnersattitude #fighter #seniornational2018.”


It took no time for Ishant to post a message for his wife showing his concern for her. He wrote:

“Winner.. dekh kar khelo!! Kyu South Africa mai tension de rahi ho”


To which she replied:

“Rajput ko chot nahi lagti !!! Chot ko rajput lagta hai !! Dont worry love.”

Here’s the adorable conversation they had on Instagram.


While the player’s fans were enjoying their conversation, a hater tried trolling the cricketer by interrupting Ishant’s conversation with his wife. The hater passed a comment trolling Team India’s performance in the ongoing tests matches against South Africa.

However, the couple knew how to handle such trolls. Replying like a typical Dilli ka munda, Ishant said:

“@mr.jaat.ji007 beta tu apna dekh!! Or kam bol subah subah deemag kharab karega toh india aakar tujhse hi hisab loonga!! Or agar itni tension hai toh ja mandir or prasad chada ki hum haare na!! Warna chup baith mummy ki godh mai or comment kar”


Even Pratima supported her husband and thrashed the hater equally. Here’s what she said:

“@mr.jaat.ji007 why are u talking in between ? Go get a life man !!! 



That was a kebab me haddi moment for the hater. He must have learned a lesson and will never repeat the same mistake. Don’t you think so?

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