This Bollywood Photographer Tried Schooling Ishaan Khatter But The Actor Gave A Savage Reply

1:08 pm 12 Jan, 2019


Bollywood celebrities are always under the lens for what they do and how they do it. Shutterbugs are always taking a close look at all their actions in public. Recently, a photographer clicked Ishaan Khatter’s photo while he was cycling. We all know whenever a big name from Bollywood gets into the road without big cars, it gives a great opportunity for the photographers to get some good photos. The same happened with Ishaan while he took his bicycle on road.

A Bollywood photographer shared a photo on his Instagram account where Ishaan Khatter is seen driving a bicycle with his headphones on. In the photo caption, the photographer advised others to not listen to music on the road and even when one is walking.  Take a look at this picture:



Ishaan Khattar's photo while driving


Here is the photographer’s Instagram post and read the caption where he is advising Ishaan and others to take better care when driving.



Ishaan commented on the photo with a savage reply saying that the headphones were not used for listening to the music but call and it is even more dangerous on roads with the photographers always chasing.


Ishaan Khatter's photo comment


It seems like the users were divided over this. Here is how people agreed with the photographer, and even Sonam Kapoor liked the post.


Ishaan Khatter's photo favor Insta



Ishaan pic favor


Ishaan's photo favor


The fans of Ishaan supported his comment. Look what they posted.


Ishaan insts favor


Ishaan favor insta


Ishaan favour comment


We think the intention was right to point out that it is dangerous to use headphones while driving. However, Ishaan also made sense when he said that photographers are constant following hwich often annoying for stars. So do you support the photographer of Ishaan.


Pictures source: Instagram

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