Someone Asked, Will Ishaan And Janhvi Be The Next Varun And Alia? The Answers Are Both Interesting And Mean

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11:33 am 30 Jul, 2018


In the last few years, if there is one filmy couple that has made a special place in our hearts, it is Varun and Alia. Their chemistry is so magnetic and real that when we see them together, we just cannot take our eyes off them. Though their first film together, ‘Student Of The Year’, didn’t make them the IT couple, the superhit ‘Dulhania’ series changed our perception completely.

Now, after Varun and Alia, there is another “Dharma” couple that has become people’s favorite in a heartbeat. Yes, I am talking about Ishaan and Janhvi who are enjoying the success of ‘Dhadak‘.




In the box-office business, comparisons are bound to happen. In ‘Dhadak’, Ishaan and Janhvi’s visibly beautiful chemistry was almost as vibrant as that of Alia and Varun’s.



Now, the question is, will Ishaan and Jhanvi be our next ‘Alia and Varun’? Well, it would be a bit unfair to say this too early, but you will be surprised to know what people think about it.



This is what janta had to say:

More love to the new couple.



A sensible reply.



Simply no.



Is there a need for comparison at all?



But Jhanvi is just one film old.




What do you think people?

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