15 Ways To Know That Your Boyfriend Is Lying To You

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8:00 pm 11 May, 2015


Not that you should judge your boyfriend all the time, but if he has been acting odd lately, it’s time to just put some doubts to rest. Here are some things to look out for:

1. Fakes a smile that make you a little suspicious

It’s tricky, you may think, but closely observe him and Voila!


2. Avoids eye contact with you


Wait! Where are you looking?


3. Responds with a question to your question



4. Gets uncomfortable when you ask questions

Hmm, caught you!


5. He gets aggressive when you try to talk it out

Did he just scare you with that deadly look?


6. He fidgets a lot

Movements that you till date never saw.


7. He shrugs his shoulders when his lies almost get caught


8. His hand movements suddenly seem to be uncontrollable

Boy, are you taking some karate lessons?


9. He appears to share details just to justify his stand

No luck dude!


10. Gets all the more defensive

You start feeling that you are at fault for having doubted him.


11. A lot of ‘umm’s and ‘eh’s


12. Purses his mouth as if deciding what to say next

Don’t believe whatever he says next.


13. Starts scratching his head, nose or ear

You want to ask him if he happened to get a bug-bite?


14. His expressions just go out of context with the words

You see a disconnect there!


15. Begins to stammer

Now that was easy, wasn’t it?




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