Is Online Snakes And Ladders Game Same As The Traditional One?

10:55 am 26 Oct, 2018


The time we live in is digital. Everything is digitalized. You can find everything online, from food to love! What if one day you order an e-pizza which will be eaten online only? You will ask how the hell am I gonna eat it? The purpose will not be completed. There will be no taste. I will still be hungry! Then why do you think that these online representations of our childhood favorite games would be enough for the gen-x kids?

How will you cherish the old days when you as a child used to play the iconic Snakes and Ladders board game with a dice.  Snakes & Ladders was part of the Ludo game.




We’ve all played Snakes & Ladders as kids. It was one of our favorite board games and many afternoons with cousins and friends were spent rolling a dice to see who was first to reach on top.



In the Snakes and Ladders, the fun was not only about the win and loses but the turns kids used to take to finally spend that quality time together.



The online version of the game works on the same principle and rules as the traditional S&L board game. But the bond is missing!



The board is populated with Snakes and Ladders but the fun of cheating and then enjoying together is missing.



The online games make you a player and you compete but the traditional game makes you learn. You understand and spend more time with the friends.





The need of the hour is for the parents to understand that the ultimate goal of a game is not achieved with an online game. Let your children play and acquire the associated learning.

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