Is Actor Kamaal R Khan Dying? Says He Has Stomach Cancer And Will Die Soon

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11:18 am 4 Apr, 2018


Kamaal R Khan is well known for spreading nuisance on Twitter with his useless movie reviews, baseless claims and other hopeless talks. Most of the times, people have ignored him or laughed at him. In October 2017, he claimed that he will leave Twitter, a couple of days after which, his account was suspended by Twitter itself. A few days after that, he said that he will commit suicide if his Twitter account is not restored and people still laughed at his words.



But his account wasn’t restored and he is now on Twitter with another account named KRKBOXOFFICE, on which he gives his ratings and reviews for films. However, what he tweeted recently has nothing to do either with films or other celebs.



KRK has tweeted a “press release” about his health which says that he has 3rd stage stomach cancer and he will die within 1 or 2 years. He further said that he doesn’t want to live on anyone’s sympathy even for a day and wants to spend all the time with his lovely family. He said that he is only sad for his two wishes that will die with him forever.



Take a look at the entire press release in his tweet below:



If true, this indeed is a really sad news and we wish for his speedy recovery. Some social media users have also expressed sorrow for KRK’s health, hoping for an improvement in his health. Check out some of the tweets below:









However, there are some who think that KRK is playing April Fool’s prank and hence this tweet is another joke from him. Their comments can be seen below:







Do you think KRK could be playing a prank by saying that he has 3rd stage stomach cancer? Or he could be genuinely ailing with the serious disease? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section!