Is He Michelangelo Of The Hedges? Learn A Lesson From The Old Man Who Carved A Dragon In 10 Years

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11:00 am 30 May, 2014


If you are wondering what to do after retirement then take a cue from Mr. John Brooker. A retired old man looking for something to do, Brooker came upon the idea of sculpting an overgrown hedge outside his home into a sculpture to be worth proud of. Can you carve a 100 feet long, 10 feet high dragon from leaves? Brooker can, and he did. It took him 10 years. Yes, 10 years! Isn’t he the symbol of the indomitable spirit of humans?

1. Carving the beast1 hedge

2. John Brooker standing proudly by his creation

2 hedge

3. Michelangelo of the Hedges at work

3 hedge

4. Ah, the Dragon of the hedges!

4 hedge


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