Is CID Shutting Down Because ACP Pradyuman Took Rs 2 Crore Bribe From Daya?

1:59 pm 25 Oct, 2018


Did you hear that the CID is shutting down? Yes, one of the favorite TV shows for many is shutting down! But do you know why? Well, a little birdie told us that there is a big ‘gadbad’ inside the bureau. What? It seems that ACP Pradyuman took Rs. 2 crore bribe from Daya. OMG! Can this be the reason behind shutting down of the show? Yes, we are being sarcastic and taking a dig at, you know what! Of course, there’s Kuch Kuch Hota Hai in a certain organization.

Well, it seems like things are indeed not in proper shape and all is not well within the organization. If not, why would such things come out or happen like yesterday? But what really shocking is, how can they investigate others when they themselves resort to doing such dirty activities? Where is the credibility?




Jokes apart, the iconic TV show CID is reportedly going off the air after entertaining the audience for 21 years. It seems the channel decided to pull down the show abruptly, owing to internal issues with makers. A statement from the channel reads:

“Having completed 20 years, CID is the longest-running cult show on Sony Entertainment Television. It has been a great journey so far, along with Fireworks Productions, and CID will now take an intermittent break starting October 28.”



The abrupt end has come as a shock not just for the audience, but also for the team. Confirming the news, actor Dayanand Shetty reportedly told that they were recently informed about the channel’s decision of pulling down CID.

“We were in our 21st year and had we shot for a few more episodes, we would have entered our 22nd year. It is quite an unfortunate thing to happen as we were shooting like always and suddenly we were informed by our producer that the shooting has been called off indefinitely because there were issues with the channel.”



However, while the news of pulling down CID has shocked many, the makers intend to return with a brand new season of the show. The statement added:

“The show will gear up for a renewed season with a lot more contextual cases keeping alive the thrill that the audience has experienced so far.”



First aired in 1997, CID is one of the first crime-based shows. Since its launch, it has successfully aired over 1,500 episodes. While the show had undergone several changes with the cast and story line-up, the plot remained the same – solving murder mysteries. The show features Shivaji Satam (ACP Pradyuman), Senior Inspectors Aditya Srivastava (Abhijeet) and Dayanand Shetty (Daya) in lead roles. According to the channel, the last episode of the show will be aired on October 27.


Well, if the news is anything to go by, we are surely going to miss ACP Pradyuman’s dialogues Daya! Darwaza tod do and Kuchh to gadbad hai from the show.

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