Is ISIS Leader, Baghdadi, Dead? Or Is He Alive? Even Russia Is Confused

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5:03 pm 18 Jul, 2017


Russia has commented that it is not sure if ISIS leader, Baghdadi, is dead or not.

Russia, on Monday, said it is still investigating reports that said that it killed Baghdadi in air strikes. Kremlin Press Secretary, Dmitry Peskov, told reporters that they are still investigating if the ISIS leader was killed in the air strikes at Raqqa in Syria.

ISIS leader Baghdadi News Week


Peskov said,


We don’t have [any] more accurate data. Indeed, contradictory information is coming. Our relevant services are currently checking it.

While Russia is still confused on Baghdadi’s status, Iraqi Kurdistan claimed that he is definitely alive. Lahur Talabany, an intelligence chief for Iraqi Kurdistan, claimed that the leader is still alive and can possibly regroup using his experience as a jihadist.

Iran has an opposite stance. The state believes that Baghdadi is dead. Ali Shirazi, a representative of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, stated that they don’t know how the cleric died but are sure that he is no more. Iran and Russia supported Assad’s regime in Syria and have supported the President to reclaim much of the lost territory.

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The US is, however, unsure about the cleric’s existence. General Stephen Townsend, head of the anti-ISIS operation, stated that he had no proof of life regarding Baghdadi and does not know if he is alive or not, or who killed him. U.S. Defense Secretary, James Mattis, said he assumed Baghdadi was still alive because he can’t prove otherwise.

Last week, Iraqi PM, Haider Al-Abadi had announced the victory of troops over ISIS by capturing the city of Mosul.