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14 Irritating Things Only People Who Hate Summer Can Understand

Updated on 19 January, 2018 at 2:21 pm By

Do you fear the arrival of summers? Do you abhor every single day of summer and wished you were in Alaska? We are then sailing on the same boat. The following worries are mine as well as yours.

1. The sweaty patch on your clothes annoys you.


It feels as if you just took a dip in smelly water.

2. The stench, yours or anyone else’s, makes you puke.

Even the deodorant fails in helping you.

3. The scorching heat upsets your stomach.

Your digestive system simply surrenders in the heat.

4. You are afraid that you might leave the seat wet.

Doesn’t it bother you much?

5. The skin burn leaves you traumatized.

The sun has its eyes on your pretty skin.

6. You prefer house arrest with your AC.

Stepping out is what you totally avoid.

7. You travel only in tinted glass car.

Stepping into a car for you is like stepping into a sauna bath.

8. You wear less; the heat still makes you sweat.

You open your wardrobe and wonder what not to wear.

9. You are unable to quench your thirst.

It is like you have become a water tanker, drinking gallons of water.

10. Anything hot, simply turns you off.

Hot food, drinks just become less delectable.

11. It’s time for you to say bye to your long tresses.

Your golden locks need to go!

12. The sunlight burns your eyes.

This is the only time you prefer being surrounded with darkness.

13. You feel dizzy in the heat.

The heat gets in your head and you can’t gather strength to stand still.

14. You take shower more than expected.


The minute you step out of shower, you feel as if you never had a bath.

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