Check Out The Compelling And Creative View Of Irrfan Khan’s New Home

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8:49 pm 12 Oct, 2016

Irrfan Khan is creative, detailed and creates an engaging aura when he steps out in front of the camera. These beautiful qualities are now symbolic to his new home at Oshiwara near Lokhandwala, Mumbai.

Irrfan and his wife, Sutapa, both prefer a silent home. They don’t believe in the typical Bollywood gatherings or every weekend party. Hence, quietude and simplicity form the crux of their designs.

Starting with the Sutapa’s bedroom which Irrfan defines as the sanctuary of the house, has a round yellow table, two chairs, and a breezy balcony. Whereas Irrfan’s living room has a study, a bed which is custom-made on-site, the chairs, stand, and floral motif.



The living room looks like a fantasy molded into a craft:



The traditional sofas adding to the grace:

Irrfan-Khan_05-1366x768 (1)


A two-seater jhula is probably Irrfan’s favorite part of the house. This is where he loves to wonder and tap his creative process:



His awards make his room more notable:



Blue walls add a stylish yet conventional tone and also blue color symbolizes loyalty, strength, wisdom and trust.

Irrfan-Khan_03-1366x768 (1)


This masterpiece is designed by interior designer Shabnam Gupta(Centre), founder of Peacock life:



Isn’t this house a gem?

For more picture, click here. 

Source:  Architectural Digest

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