These 15 Facts Of Irrfan Khan’s Life Will Make You Admire The Actor Even More

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Updated on 6 Sep, 2018 at 3:02 pm


Unconventional looks, no godfather in Bollywood and no story of the exponential rise in the industry! It’s Irrfan Khan, the actor, the person and the global Indian.

The guy made a name for himself from the ground up, brick by brick. Ask his fans and they would almost certainly try convincing you that in terms of acting talent, this guy is all other Bollywood Khans put together. Perhaps! He certainly is one of the best actors in the industry. No doubts about that.

Irrfan recently turned 48; the journey to fame and riches has not been easy for him. But, his success and laurels speak volumes of his exemplary persistence.

A diehard fan would sure know a lot about this talented man but for the rest, who’ve been his admirers for long, but never got to know enough about him, we’ve this list:

1. He became an actor by chance

He wanted to be a cricketer. Parents disapproved of it.

As if by a stroke of luck, he got a scholarship to attend NSD (National School of Drama). He was pursuing MA in Jaipur at that time. And he lied about having past theater experience to get in. By all means, it was a ‘good lie.’

We only have a handful of real artists like him in Bollywood.

2. He was a final year student at NSD (1988) when Mira Nair chose him for a role in Salaam Bombay

3. A TV regular from 1994 to 1998, Irrfan was so bored at one point in time that he thought of quitting

It is an award-winning movie based on local tribes of Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh.

4. His real name – Sahabzade Irfan Ali Khan


He was born in the village of TONK in Jaipur, in a well-off family with royal connections. He has two siblings and his father was a wealthy Zamindar who wanted his son to join the family tyre business. Good that he didn’t.

5. He added an extra ‘R’ to his name – hence the name IRRFAN

And it was not a numerologist who suggested this. Irrfan did it himself.

6. At 6 feet, 1 inch, Irrfan is one of the tallest actors in Bollywood

7. LunchBox is the only Indian movie to have ever won a TFCA – Toronto Film Critics Association Award

With so much talent he sure has a long way to go.

8. He was offered a big role in Interstellar but turned it down as he was expected to stay in the USA for four months at a stretch

9. Our home-grown Irrfan Khan might play the full-fledged baddie in the Spider-Man expected in 2016

10. He has a wish – to gift his mother a suitcase full of money

11. Julia Roberts stopped outside the Kodak Theater (where the Oscars were being staged) to compliment Irrfan on Slumdog Millionaire

Julia Roberts compliment Irrfan on Slumdog Millionaire

12. He reads a LOT; almost one new Hollywood script per week to better understand how to play his roles better

Irrfan did about 200 episodes of this TV serial in the 1990s.

13. He’s been detained twice at Los Angeles Airport because his name is similar to a terror suspect

14. You can get your fill of IRRFAN KHAN in 2015; several movies are coming

In 2015 several movies are coming

15. And that’s not all! Irrfan also plays a role the Jurassic Park, scheduled for 2015

At one point in time, he says, he did not have enough money to watch Jurassic Park in a hall.