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Irfan Pathan Reveals An Interesting Unknown Fact About Salman Khan. Read To Find Out

Published on 30 May, 2018 at 1:29 pm By

You love him, you hate him, but there’s no one like Bollywood superstar Salman Khan. One of the biggest stars in the Indian film industry, Salman Khan is a multi-talented artist. But did you know, besides being a successful actor, Bhai is an avid painter as well? Yes, the actor has been painting for a long time and he is the best in his job indeed with his paintings have been auctioned at lakhs and crores. Well, let us tell you one more such interesting fact about the actor!




Indian Premier League 2018 was one of the most entertaining seasons since the inception of IPL. We have witnessed Bollywood and Cricket coming together with the introduction of Indian Premier League. With actors like Shahrukh Khan and Preity Zinta owing two of the most powerful teams in IPL and the industry showing a keen interest in the games, it is certainly the best amalgamation of the two professions.

Many celebrities were present to cheer up the teams for the IPL 2018 finale between Chennai Super Kings and Sunrisers Hyderabad. Among those celebrities was superstar Salman Khan.



Salman Khan even took part in Hindi commentary with cricketer-turned-commentator Irfan Pathan and co-star Anil Kapoor. Irfan shared a few pictures of the actor on his social media account. Interestingly, with the pictures, the ace cricketer also shared a very important detail about Bhaijaan’s past.




In his post, Irfan Pathan wrote, “How many knew Sallu Bhai had trained under Salim Durani sir for a week or so”.

Take a look at the post:



Yes, the ‘Race 3’ actor was interested in becoming a cricketer as he got his training from the legendary Indian cricketer Salim Durani who has played 29 Tests from 1960 to 1973. An all-rounder in his time, Salim Durani is one of the biggest names in Indian cricket.



While doing the commentary, Salman Khan supported CSK as Irfan Pathan was labelling it as an ‘old’ team. When Irfan Pathan asked Bhai about his views on CSK’s old players, Salman defended CSK by saying, “What are you even saying!? No one retires at the age of 30!”




Well, we would have loved to see Bhaijaan hitting fours and sixes for the Indian cricket team. But alas! We couldn’t witness that moment. Salman Khan is gearing for the release of his new film Race 3 scheduled to be released on June 15.

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