An IPL Cheerleader Reviews India: Vulgar Men, 1-Star Hotel Accommodation, Corrupt Organisers

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6:20 pm 8 May, 2015


An Indian Premier League(IPL) cheerleader. A feminist who hails from USA. A woman disgusted by ‘racist and sexist’ attacks by Indian men. That’s her story.

In a startling revelation made by an American IPL cheerleader, who said that she is treated as a ‘sex object’ and “Slimeballs” routinely demand that she pose for photos with them.

The American cheerleader participated on Wednesday in an AMA ‒ shorthand for “Ask Me Anything” ‒ on the Reddit social networking website, as reported by


She remained anonymous for the public at large, but she apparently submitted photographs as evidence to the moderators of the site to establish her identity who did not disclose her identity because she risked losing her job.


The online event attracted over 500 responses and she answered many questions. This is how she described herself.


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HornySingh, who had organised the AMA,  started with a direct question as to whether she could share any inside scoops. Her response:

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aar_640 asked her about the biggest thing she hates about her job and how cheerleaders coped with abusive and cheap words hurled at them. Her response:

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ek_ladki had a question on the working conditions in India, whether she thought she was being paid fairly and felt that she was treated with respect.

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Gtarumble followed that up by enquiring about the accommodation the cheerleaders were given.

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The manager has since been fired, she revealed. When asked about the difference between crowds in India versus other countries, she said:


“The men in the crowd in India are much more intrusive. But you’ll find pigs wherever you go.”

discr33t_enough asked about what annoys her the most during games. Her response:

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pcmaniacxx asked:  What is the funniest thing you ever saw a cricket fan doing in a stadium?

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vareen’s question was on advice to kids wanting to take up cheerleading.

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shiva_ram asked: “It must be very exhausting to dance every 5 or 10 minutes in searing hot weather. What do you do keep energy levels high?” Her reply:

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notsosleepy asked her if she was a feminist and to share her thoughts on cheerleading, especially in India, being a means to objectify women as sexual objects.

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