The Dark Truth Behind The Glamorous Life Of Beautiful IPL Cheerleaders Will Baffle You

7:01 pm 29 May, 2018


Every year, Indian cricket lovers go into a total frenzy as Indian Premier League starts. Along with the unbound excitement of the matches, people also love seeing the artistic dancers who cheer for different teams. Yes, we are talking about the cheerleaders! Often it seems that the lives of the beautiful damsels are filled with nothing but glamour. However, there is a murky reality looming beneath the glitz.

Cheerleaders cannot fraternize with cricketers



Do players hit on the cheerleaders? Well, this is a question that can naturally arise in your mind. However, the girls are not allowed to talk with the cricketers. Also, most of the times the players ignore the cheerleaders.

The condition of hotel rooms



There are times when the girls are provided hotels with pathetic conditions. Some of them have spent nights with cockroaches and rats as roommates. Again that varies from one franchise to another.

Prevailing racism



Most of the franchises have only white women in their cheerleading team. Also, often they are dressed in skimpy clothes highlighting them as sex objects rather than dancers supporting their team.

Issue of harassment




Though the cheerleaders are out of reach of the audience, that doesn’t deter them from making the girls feel uncomfortable. There are those who make lewd remarks and some come up with lecherous looks. However, being professionals the girls do their best to ignore such incidents. There are even some who only takes pictures with women or children to avoid any kind of sexual harassments.

Exhausting profession



Dancing every 5 or 10 minutes in this rising heat is really tough. Though the girls embrace it as a part of their job but they follow a strict diet to make sure they appear upbeat.

The image of a promiscuous woman



Often people make up an image that cheerleaders exchange sexual favors. However, that is far from the truth. Like every other profession, there are some girls who engages in this practice but most follow a clean record.

Long hours of training



Being a cheerleader is not easy. Besides having a dancing background, they also need to go through long hours of physical exercise to ensure flexibility. Moreover, they always need to appear upbeat during the game, even if feeling tired.