IPL Anchor Archana Vijaya’s Super Cool Response Over ‘Jobless’ Remark

3:23 pm 5 Sep, 2017


A decade ago, the very idea of a woman commentating on men’s cricket, be it at any level, was unheard of and even unthinkable about. It was not because women lacked any cricketing gyaan but simply because it was a male-dominated sport and women were not considered worthy enough to even talk or comment about it!

Times have changed. It was for the 2003 Cricket World Cup that Indian women were first spotted gaining space in this male-dominated arena. Remember Mandira Bedi hosting the much famed ‘Extra Innings’? This scenario just bettered with the Indian Premier League (IPL) hiring more women commentators alongside their male counterparts. Mayanti Langer and Archana Vijaya have established a reputation of being counted among the best women commentators for the sport today.

Where it is a matter of great pride for women to make their presence felt in back-end reporting on cricket, some people have still to accept the presence of women here and never let an opportunity go of being disrespectful towards them. On many occasions women commentators have been talked about their sexual appeal rather than there reporting skills of the game at play. But what happened now will simply outrage you!

Archana with Kohli The Indian Express


IPL broadcast rights, at a recent auction, were won by Star Sports. Earlier Sony Max had these rights. This means, starting from the next season, your favorite IPL will now be telecast on Star Sports. And since, Archana Vijaya’s much famed ‘Extraaa Innings T20’ was a part of Sony Max’s panel of commentators, chances are that you may not get to see her in the next season.

So, Archana took to Twitter to express her happiness for Star Sports winning over the rights –


Twitter is social media platform with a fair share of critics, who can hound you. As soon as Archana posted this out, taunts and rebukes poured in, with most people drawing sadistic pleasure by pointing at how “jobless” she is now –

Not provoked by the attention her tweet was getting Archana had the last laugh with this response: