Diver Finds An iPhone X Submerged, But What He Found About It Was Amazing

4:57 pm 13 Jun, 2018


Arizona boy Dallas had a brilliant idea of going scavenger hunting into the depths of rivers in Arizona. He soon became a YouTube sensation when he started posting videos of these quests on his YouTube channel.

He started just over a year ago on May 24, 2017, and in this short period, his channel ‘Man+River’ has gained 624,202 subscribers. As per a recent video, he found an iPhone X at the bottom of the Arizona River

Here is the video of Dallas discovering the iPhone X, as posted on his channel:


According to the video, Dallas went for one of his ritualistic dives into the river on a clear Monday morning. He soon emerged from the river with an iPhone X in his hand.

The iPhone at the bottom of the river. Source


Dallas with the phone post his dive. Source

In the video Dallas claims that this was the first time he ever found an iPhone X. He then headed back home and dried the phone out for about 3 days.

After making sure that there wasn’t any moisture left, Dallas plugged the phone in. And to his surprise, it lit up. He took the owners’ sim-card and tried to make contact with them. When Dallas was finally able to make contact, the owner, Alyssa King, was ecstatic and could not believe that somebody had pulled her phone out of the salty river.

Dallas plugging the phone in, to find out if it still works. Source

Alyssa King ecstatic to get her iPhone X back. Source

Alyssa revealed that about 2 weeks before the day Dallas called, she and her friends were enjoying some water time in the river. A rapid suddenly interrupted them and she lost the phone. She was super depressed when she realized that she did not back-up the pictures of her 5-month-old daughter. Alyssa was naturally happy to get her phone back. Dallas shipped the phone to Florida (where Alyssa lives) without taking a penny in return, even delivery charges.

Alyssa happily showing off her daughter’s pic, whole wearing a Man+River t-shirt. Source


Dallas has helped many people who lost personal belongings to the strong rapids of Arizona River. Great going!

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