These Are The Reasons Why iPhones Are More Expensive In India As Compared To Other Countries

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6:38 pm 8 Oct, 2017

The launch of a new iPhone is nothing less than a celebration across the world. Often tagged as the ‘most secure’ phone in the world, Apple has always surprised its loyal fans. Although, many mobile phone manufacturers are adding new features to lure masses, it still remains an Indian’s dream to own an iPhone. However, not many people are able to achieve their dream due to the exorbitant price of the iPhone. In fact, one is almost correct if they say that these Apple phones are more expensive in India than anywhere else in the world.



In USA, the about to be launched iPhone X will cost $999 for the 64 GB version and $1149 for the 256 GB version. iPhone X will be most expensive in Russia as it will be priced at 79,9990 Rubles or $1390. In India, the same version will cost $1376 or Rs.89,000 – making it the second most expensive in the world.

With that amount of money, a middle-class family can have a great getaway in the winter. But have you ever wondered as to why are these phones so expensive in India? Well, here are the reasons:


iPhone is made in China and designed in USA. Hence, the manufacturer has to pay large amount of import duties and several other taxes that are levied by the Central and state government. However, with the GST in place, one can think of some respite as far as the prices are concerned.



Weak Indian currency

The Rupee has always been weaker than the Dollar. Hence, the low exchange value results in higher prices.

Third party retailers

There are very few Apple Stores in the country. The company, thus, sells its iPhones via third-party retailers which charge commissions. This increases the phone’s price to include the share of the third party as well.


Foreign manufacturing

Until Apple decides to manufacture the phones in the country, the cost of foreign-made and shipped phones need to be brunt by the customers.

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