You Can Buy iPhones At The Cheapest Price In The World Here

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2:33 pm 18 Jan, 2017


With changing technology, smartphones are taking over the market. The world in terms of smartphones is divided into two camps – the iPhone users and the non-iPhone users. A majority don’t buy iPhones because of its expensive price range.


Do you know there is a place where you can buy an iPhone at the cheapest price in the whole world?

In Angola, Africa, you can get the latest iPhones for a mere Rs 27,300. Well, it’s way less than the prices of flagship models of other companies.




If you are thinking that it’s a fake news then please check the Technology Price Index compiled by the good guys over at Linio, an online retailer. The list is made with a perspective as to how the same gadgets are priced differently in different parts of the world. From the list, we found that Angola sells iPhones at the cheapest price in the world. This low cost for iPhones is because of the low taxes on consumer products in Angola.

While Angola sells iPhones at US $401.4 apiece, the next best places to buy an iPhone are Japan, China, Finland and UAE where the iPhone is priced at US $413.58, $470.74, $475.94, $498.25. India is ranked 6th in the list at US $505.25 or Rs 34,320 per piece.

The comparative price list from Linio also has other gadgets like PS4, Xbox One, Smart HDTV, external hard drives, and more. And if you are thinking about the country that sells the most expensive iPhones, it’s Venezuela. It sells each unit at the cost of a whopping $97,814, that’s more than 6 crore Rupees!