Tweeple Are Hilariously Trolling The Extremely High Prices Of Newly Launched iPhone 8 And iPhone X

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12:21 pm 13 Sep, 2017

The war between iPhone lovers and Android fans is never ending!

Even if Android phones are more customizable and user-friendly, we all are aware that iPhones have always been a symbol of class and luxury. Many might not like using IOS or another feature of an iPhone but they will still buy it for the sake of its popularity. For the people who are ready to sell their kidneys to buy iPhones, this time Apple has launched its flagship devices.

By unveiling the £1,000 ( ₹85,203) iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 plus, the company almost gave a heart attack to many! It is being said that the prices of the same devices with higher configurations will go above 1 lakh.


The all-glass design, face recognition unlocking system, super large display, and wireless charging might attract many but there are thousands of people who are trolling Apple’s newly launched devices hilariously and one of the reasons is its price.


Here’s is a compilation of the best reactions that the new iPhone devices got on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Android fans to the new iPhones’ launch: