17 Inventors Who Were Killed By Their Own Inventions

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12:00 pm 27 Aug, 2015

These were among the most brilliant inventors, who invested much of their time and careers in making their vision come true. We have heard about inventions not working like the inventor thought, gaining negativity around the world and so on. Here we bring a list of inventors who were killed by their own invention and left us with many life lessons be to be taught.

1. Otto Lilienthal, also known as the Glider King, the first person to make successful gliding flights.

He died with injuries falling from 50 ft to the ground, when he was unable to regain control of his machine.

2. Thomas Andrews Jr., shipbuilder and head of a shipbuilding company.

He lost his life while travelling on board the Titanic when the ship hit an iceberg.

3. Horace Lawson Hunley, the inventor of first combat submarine.

He died during a trial of one of his invented vessels. He drowned along with seven other crew members.

4. Aurel Vlaicu, who designed and built three aeroplanes of his own.

He died while attempting to be the first person to fly across the Carpathian Mountains.

5. Marie Curie, who invented the process on how to isolate radium.

She died of aplastic anemia, caused due to unwarranted exposure to ionizing radiation released from the research materials.

6. Karel Soucek, who developed a shock-absorbent barrel and died while demonstrating it.

This involved the barrel being dropped from the roof of the Houston Astrodome.

7. William Bullock, American inventor, the person who helped revolutionize the printing industry.

His leg was completely crushed when caught in a machine while experimenting in one of his presses. He died during an operation to amputate the leg.

8. Alexander Bogdanov, the person who practiced experimenting with blood transfusion.

He died when he was transfused with the wrong blood group.

9. Sabin Arnold von Sochocky, probably the first person to invent the radium-based luminescent paint.

He died due to exposure to radioactive materials.

10. Valerian Abakovsky, who constructed a high-speed rail car fitted with an aircraft engine.

He took the car for experimentation and died on the return route as the car was derailed at high speed.

11. Franz Reichelt, who invented the coat parachute.

He died from the first deck of Eiffel Tower, while experimenting his own parachute for the first time.

12. Henry Smolinski, who founded a company to manufacture a flying car based on the Ford Pinto.

He was killed during the first test flight.

13. Michael Dacre, who invented a flying taxi device that was quite affordable, to travel between regional cities.

He died during the first test of this device.

14. Jean-Francois Pilatre de Rozier, who continued to experiment with a combination of hot air balloon and a gas balloon.

It killed him on the French coast while he and Pierre Roam were attempting to cross the English channel.

15. Ismail Ibn Hammad al-Jawhari died while attempting to fly using two wooden pieces which acted like wings.

16. Max Valier, who invented liquid-fueled rocket engine.

He died when the alcohol-fueled engine exploded while he was experimenting with his invention in Berlin.

17. Jim Fixx, the author of one of the bestselling books ‘The Complete Book of Running’ in which he oulined the benefits of running daily irrespective of age.

Fixx died at the age of 52 of a heart attack while on his daily run.


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