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15 Inventions That Could Have Changed The World If They Had Been Successful

Published on 30 July, 2018 at 10:30 am By

Over the centuries, there have been many inventions that could have changed the world. Sure, the progress we have made as humans is tremendous and that’s all thanks to mankind’s numerous inventions. But there are quite a few inventions such too, which were either unsuccessful or suppressed. A large part of the world population wasn’t even aware of the making of such inventions. But it is said that if these had been successful they would have been those inventions that could’ve changed the world.


Here is a look at 15 such inventions that could’ve changed the world if they had been successful.


1. The Water Fuel Cell by Stanley Meyer

Stanley Meyer was one of the first inventors to take productive steps in the design and development of an eco-friendly vehicle. He claimed to have found a way to make a car run by using water. However, despite several patents, his invention could not see the light of the day. Most are of the belief that his claims and even his invention was fraudulent. Whatever the case maybe, if Meyer’s invention had been successful it would definitely have been one of the inventions that could have changed the world.



2. The Cloud Buster by Wilhelm Reich

Austrian scientist Wilhelm Reich designed a machine called ‘A Cloudbuster’ which was a pseudoscientific device, which Reich claimed could produce rain. The innovation however was never encouraged or pushed in the market. If it had been a success, the world be free of droughts. Alas, this too became one of the mere ‘would have been’ inventions that could have changed the world.




3. Starlite by Maurice Ward

In the 1980’s Maurice Ward invented ‘Starlite’, a seemingly miraculous material which could withstand any kind of high temperature. The invention though was never taken ahead as Maurice did not share the formula with anyone before he passed away.



4. Rife Devices by Royal Raymond Rife

Back in the 1930s, long before modern medicine was the miracle worker that it is today, Royal Raymond Rife claimed to have found the cure to cancer. This however failed to be productive as many people were said to have died during the treatment and because of the treatment rather than being cured by it. However, it is also said that the medical fraternity of the time suppressed his invention. Whatever the case may have been, if the invention had met with good results, it would have changed a lot of things.



5. Sloot Digital Coding System by Jan Sloot

In the 1990s when the technological boom had just set in and long before the digital age took over the world, Jan Sloot invented a device which would reduce a feature movie size down to 8KB. It is said that the invention was suppressed by Philips and Sloot died under mysterious circumstances on September 11, 1999.



6. Ogle’s Carburetor by Tom Ogle

The speed of a car and the effeciency of fuels is a much in demand thing in the automobile sector today. In the 197os, Tom Ogle invented a carburetor that could get 1000 miles per gallon in a 4,000 pound car. There are theories around this invention claiming that it was ineffective while there are others who claim that Ogle’s invention was intentionally suppressed. Surely the invention of such a carburetor and its success would have been one of those inventions that could have changed the world.



7. Greek Fire by Callinicus

Game of Thrones fans may recall the scene where Cersei Lannister destroyed almost all of King’s Landing with a wildfire. Well, Greek Fire is something like that, only more devastating in impact. It was invented in the seventh century by an engineer with the name of Callinicus.



8. Chronovisor by Father Pellegrino Maria Ernetti

A time-traveler machine was supposedly invented by Father Pellegrino Maria Ernetti in the 1950s along with a team of scientists.In his recent book “The Vatican’s New Mystery”,  Father François Brune too talks about the Chronovisor. Whether this holds any truth is a mystery but many believe that it is because of this machine that the Vatican has been able to wield and maintain its power.



9. Project X.A. by Dr James D. Mold

Tobacco and cigarette smoking leads to several deaths every year. But the addiction to it keeps rising anyway. What if the addiction could not lead to any harm to the body though? Though that sounds hard to believe, back in 1955  Dr James D. Mold started working on inventing a cigarette which would not be as harmful to the human body. It had been successful on lab animals as well but Liggett & Myers withdrew its support saying that the firm’s other products would then have to face a lawsuit as those would become less safer once and if XA was launched.



10. EV1 by General Motors

This was the first mass-produced electric car all set to be launched in 1999. However, despite having produced 1117 units of the car, General Motors discontinued it after facing immense displeasure and discouragement from oil companies.



11. Implosion Generators by Viktor Schauberger

Austrian scientist Viktor Schauberger invented a generator that could produce free energy on the basis of implosion and water vortices. However, not much information is available regarding this invention, it is believed that it was suppressed and buried by his U.S. partners.



12. Wardenclyffe Towers by Nikola Tesla

Free energy for all sounds to good to be true, isn’t it? But Nikola Tesla’s invention would have made it possible. Through the Wardenclyffe Tower he invented a tower which would have provided free electricity to everyone by producing it from earth’s ionosphere. But sadly, power hungry and greedy on the top saw this as a threat to the conventional electricity grid system and suppressed his invention to the lengths of burning down his equipment, lab and even his intellectual property rights.



13. The Anti-Gravity Device by Thomas Townsend Brown

Defying the laws of gravity is like defying nature and almost unthinkable of. But Thomas Brown not only thought of it, he went ahead and defied it. He developed discs that could go against gravity by using electrogravitic propulsion. Sadly though, the invention was way too impressive for its time and hence got suppressed.



14. The Unified Theory by Linus Pauling and Matthias Rath

Scientists Linus Pauling and Matthias Rath came up with a unified approach to cure heart diseases. The solution to it was quite simple and much cheaper than gobbling antibiotics on a regular basis. According to their theory, the patients were to be treated with high amounts of Vitamin C by using amino acids lysine and proline which would remove the atherosclerotic plaque that lines the inner walls of the blood vessels. The result? The blockage of the blood vessels would be reduced hence there would no more be any restriction on blood flow leading to cardiovascular diseases. Wouldn’t this have been one of those inventions that could’ve changed the world?



15. Flexible Glass during the reign of Emperor Tiberius

A glassmaker during the reign of Emperor Tiberius presented his invention, the flexible glass to the then Emperor. To the Emperor’s surprise, the glass did not shatter even after he smashed it hard onto the ground. Reports say that the glassmaker was even able to remove the tiny dent resulting from the smash with a simple hit on the glass using his hammer. The Emperor, however, was more threatened than impressed by this invention. Worried about the devaluation of gold and silver that the flexible glass could lead to, he ordered the execution of the glassmaker and even had the man’s workshop burned down to the ground. This would definitely have been one of the top inventions that could’ve changed the world.




They say that ‘necessity is the mother of invention” so maybe these inventions weren’t the need of the hour at the time. Hence, they are not around today or the world would have been a different and maybe a better place too.


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