This Peculiar Photo From An Old Tamil Film Is The Internet’s Current Favorite Meme

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10:00 am 23 Aug, 2017


The internet is an instinctive business. If netizens like something, the next moment, it is a fad. Because all it takes is a funny meme to make it viral. Surprisingly, this time, the internet freaks took inspiration from the past. Perhaps, a filmy past.

The Twitter account, Film History Pics, shared a scary yet funny photo of an old Tamil film. And in no time, it infected the meme creators.



And when memes are made, truth and only the truth is spoken.


1. You just can’t do this to us.


2. We need the treat, now.


3. Gone with the wind.


4. My haters.


5. Outsiders, just shut up.


6. The battle begins.


7. A job is everything.

8. What are you doing, beta?


9. Eat or die. The choice is yours.


10. The biggest tragedy in India.



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