Forget Net Neutrality, We Are Heading Towards A Web Crisis In The Next 8 Years

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4:41 pm 5 May, 2015


Are you Internet junkie? If yes, then this news will literally break your heart.

According to scientists, we have just eight years before internet reaches its limit. Yes, the internet is heading towards a ‘capacity crunch’.

Within eight years, the cables and fibre optics that relay information to our laptops, smartphones and tablets won’t be able to take anymore data.


Also called as ”Web Crisis”, Professor Andrew Ellis of Aston University told the Daily Mail:


“Demand is increasingly catching up. It is growing again and again, and it is harder and harder to keep ahead. We have done very well for many years to keep ahead. But we are getting to that point where we can’t keep going for ever.”



This means we have increased the strain on our communications infrastructure. Can’t we just increase our cables or optical fibres to overcome that? Experts said:

“The internet companies could always put down additional cables – but that means users could be faced with paying double. Or will have to put up with an internet that switches off intermittently.”
With all those facilitates that internet gives us, how will we live without it?