All You Need To Know About Rahul Sharma, AKA Asin’s Husband

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12:00 pm 9 Feb, 2016

Rahul Sharma has been in news time and again for the new launches of Micromax products, but a while back, all the spotlight was focused on Rahul Sharma getting married to Bollywood star Asin. Because he is one of the youngest entrepreneurs from India, here are some facts about him.


1. He is the co-founder of Micromax.

Rahul Sharma is the founder of mobile company Micromax and is currently serving as the CEO of the company. Sharma co-founded Micromax Informatics Limited in March 2000 and has been directing the company since.


2. His dress code is casual.

According to various sources, Rahul does not believe in wearing formal suits to office. If rumors are to be believed, he hates people who work in formal suits. He believes in wearing anything that is comfortable to work.


3. He had always scored well as a student.

Sharma had always been a good student in childhood. He holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from Nagpur University and completed his Bachelor of Commerce from University of Saskatchewan, Canada


4. He is a badminton enthusiast.

When Rahul is not working in office, he is often playing badminton. Post marriage, Rahul also shared that being with Asin and sharing his life with her has now become his favorite thing in life. Besides this, he also loves to listen music, which depends on his moods. His favorite musician includes Calvin Harris, Tiesto, David Guetta and Avicii. Rahul loves Japanese food.


5. He is a great friend of Akshay Kumar’s.

When we are talking about Rahul Sharma, Akshay Kumar surely needs an introduction. Rahul is great friend of Akshay, who is the man behind pairing Asin and Rahul together. Their friendship is so genuine that Akshay and his wife Twinkle Khanna were the first brand ambassadors of Micromax.


6. He has a love for cars.

Rahul Sharma owns a Bentley Supersports, a BMW X6, a Mercedes GL450 and the baby of the family is a Rolls Royce Ghost Series 2. Rahul loves to splurge on luxury automobiles and is also fond of riding bikes.


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