26 Interesting Bollywood Jokes That Will Make You Whisper Yourself ‘It’s True’ And Laugh Out Loud

3:24 pm 3 May, 2018


Like in our everyday life, there has been enough jokes that have been created on Bollywood, be it on the life of actors and actresses, directors or films. True, there is no denying that Bollywood movies often follow a certain same pattern in almost every movie, the likes romance in almost every movie, at least one so-called item song in the movie, unrealistic scenes of fights or actions, etc. And there are actors and actresses or directors whose typical styles or their real-life story or personality has made people form an opinion about them and become a known-over thing among the people.

Here is a list of interesting Bollywood jokes that will make you have a good laugh. Take a read.


1. Is this one not true that anything is indeed possible in Bollywood?




2. Any Bollywood movie is incomplete without a piece of romance in it!



3. Hahaha



4. Flopped, every time?



5. The pride of Bollywood!



6. You nailed it, man.



7. LOL!



8. Directors, be careful, next time.



9. Is it true, Bollywood?



10. LOL!



11. Haha



12. LOL!



13. LOL!



14. That’s really hilarious!



15. Why so, Arijit?



16. LOL!



17. Is this what everyone does who watch his film?



18. Sorry, girl, everyone has to.



19. LOL!



20. That we, too, don’t know why.



21. Interesting, isn’t it?



22. LOL!



23. Haha



24. True



25. LOL!



26. Ahmm!




Which one do you find most relatable?

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