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18 Ways Intelligent People Act Differently In Love

Published on 17 February, 2016 at 10:00 am By

Intelligent people don’t fall in love just like that. And they hardly approve of the idea of love at first sight. Really! These people don’t take too many trips back to their past and no, they don’t stress a lot over what’s yet to come. They focus on living in the present moment and they pretty much apply the same principle when it comes to love.


Are you in love with someone intelligent? May be a little? This list will give you a heads up.


1. People with brains don’t just hop into any relationship.

They don’t settle on anything or anyone until they are completely sure of what they are looking for. Sounds fair, right?


2. Looking for signs to tell you whether or not someone is ‘meant’ for you? No, they don’t do that stuff.

Signs don’t count. Neither do the synchronicities. They are more interested in mutual chemistry. So, just focus on that.


3. They consciously search for a life partner; they don’t sit tight for the grand scheme of the universe to choose a beloved for them.


You too shouldn’t. If you like this guy or girl, just go ahead and make a move. Don’t wait for the universe to conspire. Just don’t.


4. Intelligent people don’t assume someone is interested in them; they wait for an explicit confession.

So, just stop dropping the signals, okay? For these people, it’s like Mark Mansion’s ‘Fuck Yes or No.’ There is no in-between.


5. They know that the criterion for a happy & sound relationship rests more on compatibility than some dreamy romance.

Get real.


6. They use their heads more often than their hearts to make decisions.

Be reasonable with them.


7. They don’t cook up (or feast on) raw feelings.

So even if this guy/girl shows the signs of having some feelings for you, they are still going to take some time and think, before they arrive on even a small decision like a going out on a date with you.

Have patience.


8. They have knocked off the ‘what a perfect relationship ought to be’ notion.

They accept imperfections. They are okay with shortcomings. They consciously decide to keep things real, and beautiful.


9. These people would always welcome love into their lives but no, they won’t change their lives for love.

That’s the thing about people with plenty of grey matter in the back of their heads. They deliberate each one of their actions.


10. They are an amazing combination of being romantic and being best friends in a relationship.


11. They take at least a year as gestation period to confirm whether they should really invest in a relationship in the long term or not.


12. For them, love does not always arrive in a package as so many romantics hopelessly expect.


13. They will never judge a potential partner on the basis of their past.

If need be, they will make a genuine effort to help their beloveds move on and start living a joyful life.


14. They don’t hurry into making commitments but once they do, they will honor their words.

Every one of the promises they make will be honored.


15. Self driven and motivated, they don’t blame their partners for their hurt.


16. They don’t take somebody’s presence in their life for granted.

These people treasure all their near and dear ones.


17. The notion ‘Relationships are supposed to “complete” you’ has little meaning for them.

They believe that one needs to ‘create’ happiness first before it can be shared with others.



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