This Crazy Instagram Handle Captures People Running For And Missing Their Trains. Well, This Is So Us

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2:58 pm 20 Mar, 2018


Traveling via metro and railways is an ordeal of sorts. Everyday one has to face this plight of making way to office or home through crowded trains. The key is to get the right train at the earliest. But with hundred of other things to do, we usually end up missing our train, and then pray for the the next train to come at the earliest.

But do you remember that unfateful moment when you were about to enter your ‘ideal’ train, but door smashed into your face.

Yes, I am talking that ‘Oh..shit’ moment. It is the worst betrayal ever.


Well, an Instagram account in Australia, Missedyabus, captures this “oops” moment daily and posts it daily online. Isn’t it bizarre? Maybe yes. But it also makes a realize that everyone goes through the same shit.

Here are those funny moments: 

🚂 🏃🏾‍♀️Like Cathy Freeman coming round the bend.. the old mare ain’t what she used to be #havetogetthenextone #slimdusty #happyhumpday #humpday #firstof2017

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Gone with the wind!

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