Bizarre! These 5 Popular Instagram Accounts Are Selling Human Remains

6:01 pm 30 Jul, 2018


Have you ever heard or come across any online retail or social media platforms selling human remains? Well, this world is a big place where anything is possible, and so it is not surprising to learn that there are indeed such platforms and people who are trading human remains. While trading in human body parts seems like the kind of thing that must be illegal, or at least heavily regulated, it is said that, according to bone sellers, that’s not quite the case. It seems that human bones are much easier to sell than most animals. Bizarre, isn’t it? By the way, we are not going to talk about that in detail here. We are just here to tell and show you that there are certain Instagram accounts that sell human remains.

Below is a list of 5 popular Instagram accounts selling human remains that have attracted thousands of fans like flies to their riveting corpse collections. Take a look but you may follow them at your own risk.


1. SkulltureFactory

With over 18,800 followers, SkulltureFactory occasionally sells bones, but mostly shares pictures of human remains that have wild abnormalities or have been transformed by burial rituals.



2. Skullhunter1979

This account has mentioned in its opening page that it is a “Skull collector and admirer of the weird and wonderful. Love to share pictures with everyone who thinks the same way.” With over 11,000 followers, Skullhunter1979 both show and sell human skulls. Typically, Skullhunter1979’s descriptions include the geographic origin of the skull’s former owner, a few details about their life if there are any available, and prices ranging from a few hundred bucks to well over $1,000.



3. Craniac


Craniac is a collector of authentic tribal skulls and art and is an occasional seller of higher end objects. This account has earned over 9,900 followers for his pictures of rare tribal skulls and irreverent sense of humor.



4. DeathIsntTheEnd

DeathIsntTheEnd sells skulls and everything from a mummified shark’s head to a gator skin bag. It also shares bone memes. It has over 6,600 followers.



5. Skullessence

Skullessence is a tribal skull collector interested in all natural history, tribal art, contemporary art, and art in general. The account displays pictures of skulls described as belonging to cannibals or headhunters, appear to be in it purely for the goth aesthetic. It has 5,900 followers.


It seems the collectors and oddity-enthusiasts generally look for real human skulls. Many of the Instagrammers are said to have got their bones from antique shops and flea markets while others have access to unique individual sellers. Interestingly, many of the skulls are said to have come from retired dentists.

Meanwhile, it is said that Instagram has become a natural platform for sellers, especially since e-commerce websites Etsy and eBay have both banned the sale of human remains on their platforms.