Social Media Hero Constable Kamal Das Went Out Of His Way To Help Three Friends At 3 AM

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2:56 pm 6 May, 2016


Indian policemen are infamous for reaching even the most urgent situation late. But then there are some like Constable Kamal Das of Kolkata Police, who break all the stereotypes.

The policeman, posted at Tiljala Police Station, is the new hero on social media who went out of his way to help three men who were stuck at E.M. Bypass with a broken car at three in the morning.



Diptanjan Chakraborty wrote on his wall about the incident to thank the policeman for the helping hand he gave.


Diptanjan Chakraborty, along with two friends, was returning from a marriage ceremony at 2 AM in Dunlop area of Kolkata. There car hit a pothole in BT Road and started making some strange noises. Diptanjan wrote that they kept going because there was no surety about the problem and the area they were crossing wasn’t safe at night. Just as they climbed the Parama Island Flyover, the car’s left mudguard fell apart.

As written in his Facebook post:

the upper chunk of the tubeless tyre gave away.


Though they crossed the flyover, they found out that the spare tire didn’t have air and could not be used.

Cab service wasn’t available at that time as all service shops were closed. After noticing a police booth nearby, they approached them for help.



This is were Constable Kamal Das emerged as a helping hand and started his bike, took one of the friends along and went looking for a mechanic.

The constable told Times of India:

I had just returned from our round at Picnic Garden when they approached us. I immediately removed the car from the central verge. I then offered one of them a lift in my patrol bike.

When they found a mechanic, at that hour he charged Rs 1,000. The friend said he had only Rs 800 on him. Kamal Das intervened and said he will pay whatever extra money is needed. The policeman knew the issue about the night and what problems can take place. Hence, he tried to help them the best possible way.



This selfless behavior of the policeman amazed the three travelers.

A very polite helping-hand, he rescued us at midnight. This is what Kolkata is known for. We felt safe even at 3:00 am…He took care of us like he had known us for years.

Before leaving, he said just one thing to the three help-seekers:

Dada, sob police kharap hoy na, Lok e onek kichu na jene amader ke aje baje kotha bole,” (Brother, not every policeman is bad. People speak ill of us without knowing a lot of things).


This isn’t the only incident. The constable once escorted a stranded Canadian citizen to his hotel on his patrol bike in the middle of the night.

Kamal Das is famous for his helpful nature in the police department.

C (traffic) Solomon V Neshakumar told Times of India, “We need men like him in the force.”



Diptanjan wrote a Facebook post, thanking the constable and ASI Adhir Kr Roy, who was also there at the police booth. He also asked Kolkata Traffic Police Department to thank him from their side too. They definitely should.

Kamal Das has set an example and he absolutely is an inspiration for the police departments across the nation.


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