The Survival Story Of Bonnie, The Wonder Cow, Will Fill Your Heart With Warmth

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3:17 pm 11 Oct, 2018


Four months old Bonnie, a calf born in a farm in New York and never strayed away from her mother in her entire life, found herself in a difficult situation when one day the owner of the farm suddenly died. It meant that the whole herd was now supposed to be sold off and would be taken to slaughterhouses. It was time for Bonnie to be separated from her mother. Even if Bonnie would not have been slaughtered immediately because of being a calf, it would have eventually happened, but unlike other cows, Bonnie had a plan.




When one day finally a truck came to the farm to take the cows away, Bonnie decided it was time to make an escape. While the other cows were being loaded on the truck, Bonnie made a run and disappeared into the forest and could not be caught.

Her disappearance became sort of a legend among the locals and like any mythical creature, people would talk about her sightings in the woods in their conversations. Soon the locals were divided in their opinions about Bonnie. Some wanted Bonnie to live, while others wanted to shoot her down. Regardless of their opinions, both groups were looking for Bonnie in the forest. It was during this time that many people were able to capture images of the bovine in the jungle by setting up cameras in different locations, and what they discovered was both amusing and unbelievable.



Till this point in time, many marvelled at how a calf could live in the forest alone where there would always be three feet snow during winters, but the pictures revealed that she wasn’t alone.

Though Bonnie had lost her family, it appeared like she had found an unlikely family in the jungle – a herd of wild deer. The family of deer had adopted her and she started to behave much like them. As much as the deer mistrust humans and flee from any sign of humans, Bonnie would do the same. Nevertheless, she was surviving in the woods.

A local named Becky Bartels knew that though Bonnie was alive and was living with the deer, it could not go on for long as she was a domestic animal and the wild was too harsh for her. Becky decided to rescue the cow and for that, she had to win her trust first. So, for the whole winter, the Bartels trekked through the snow with food and bedding for the cow. Slowly, Bonnie started to trust the Bartels and was comfortable with the Bartels being around.



After many weeks of taking care of the animal in the woods, the Bartels informed an NGO named Farm Sanctuary that rescues abused and abandoned animals about Bonnie and they set a trap for her. But it wasn’t easy to capture Bonnie. It took the team two weeks and three attempts besides a whole load of foods and sedatives to finally catch her.

After spending eight months in the forest with the deer, Bonnie was finally united with her own kind in Farm Sanctuary where she quickly made new friends. She now lives in Farm Sanctuary with kind humans, fellow cows and a comfortable environment.




Bonnie has beaten all the odds, created an inspirational story of survival, and now she deserves the happy life that she is living.

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