How A “Bullet” Rescued Life Of This Man When His Wife Left Him And He Lost His Job

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Updated on 17 Dec, 2017 at 11:43 am


When I was a kid, just like many of you I dreamt that I would travel the world and explore as many corners of the world as I can.


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Even though that dream still lives on in me and I try to travel as much as I can, whenever I can, over the decades I learned that as you get older, you travel less and struggle more.


But this hardship is part of life and what you take out of it is what matters the most.

While my dream of traveling the world is currently on hold, Dhruv Dholakia from Mumbai is not only living his dream but also loving every minute of it.



Dhruv, in the past two years, has traveled across 29 states of India and has done it truly ‘Yatri style’ – on a Bullet.


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While this may sound adventurous and fun, traveling across India is no easy task and doing it on a bike is even more grueling and exhausting exercise.

What is more Dhruv’s voyage didn’t have the happiest of beginnings as it was stemmed from a divorce, loss of job and a spinal injury.


Facebook – Dhruv Dholakia 

But at a time that might have broken the best of us, Dhruv decided to do so some soul searching and just venture out and live his life.

Over the coming months, he documented many stories about his travels. These not only reflected the dangers of traveling but also gave us a profound understanding that not everything is about money and power.




A life truly lived. Thankyou Dhruv, for being an inspiration to many. For showing that even when life seems hard and at its worst, you can turn it around and make it the best experience there is.

You can read all about Dhruv’s journey of self-discovery and adventures on his Facebook page –  On a Bullet Yatra

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