Rohan Joshi’s Hard Hitting Tweets Will Inspire All Engineering Students

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1:53 pm 17 Aug, 2016

Living in a conservative society, battling guarded people and  fulfilling our  dreams sounds great, but it takes guts, real guts to face it all . We’re particularly referring to the Indian society, in which people consider engineering and medicine as the ultimate goals of education and nearly never think about the consequences this may have on children as they grow up, each one with their individual abilities and talents. Some may even just be average, so what?

Let’s confess that Sharma ji ka beta the butt of al jokes is one thing we all have faced and this humiliation, comparison have had led to us dropping out of the colleges our parents always wanted us to study in.

I have seen my friends who were a far more intelligent than me in school are standing nowhere, Why? Well, we can blame the education system for this that reduces a person’s abilities to mere percentiles. I don’t think that an engineering student’s abilities can depend upon how good or bad his/her CGPA is!

Rohan Joshi, a stand-up comedian shared his story in an Indian engineering college, the consequences that led to him dropping out and how thing become difficult because of the straightjacket education system.

Check out his story in his series of tweets…




The teacher who never liked him for no reason.





No matter what he wrote in the assignment all he got was a ‘Fail’ and ‘Redo’.



The teacher went out of the town without even correcting his assignment.



Various factors that forced him to drop out.




He voluntarily flunked out.




Rohan has requested students who go through such humiliation and tensions every day. We are asked to treat educational institutions as temples but keeping such devils in there as teachers is not fair. The Government should restructure the education system keeping the factors that students face in their minds.

Suicide rates and education system as a reason behind it are increasing. Parents should also understand what their children relly want in life. Engineering and medicine are not everything. What Rohan Joshi is today, it’s because of his own hard work. People know his name, he is neither an engineer nor a doctor!

Your child’s safety is in your hand and for the government, I would like to say that our youth is our future ruining their present can ruin our future.

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