Here’s An Inside Look Of Baadal Cafe, The Indian Restaurant At Google’s California Campus

7:41 pm 4 Dec, 2017

When we talk about Google, we always find a mention about India. In fact, from an Indian point of view, Google is synonymous with India, which is due to various reasons. And so here as well, and this time it is its restaurant at company’s California campus.

Google’s massive California campus houses 30 cafes in total for employees, which includes Cafe Baadal -an Indian restaurant.




Cafe Baadal has been serving Indian cuisine to employees since 2013, when Bon Appetit Management Company – which operates cafes at Google, eBay, Oracle, and many other tech companies – decided to set up this cafe at the Googleplex.



The decor at Cafe Baadal is cozy and colorful

Cafe Baadal’s chef Irfan Dama, formerly a private chef who focused on Indian home cooking and the country’s many regional cuisines, is a very popular cooking personality on YouTube.


At Baadal, trolleys are pushed about, hawking superb chai and equally excellent rose or mango lassis.


Indian chai has become a sensation around Google, and people love its distinct cardamom-laced allure.


Cafe Baadal


At Baadal, lunch is served with thali-style as stews and curries to be eaten with the starches, raita, and chutneys.


Cafe Baadal


And another dish that happens to be everyone’s favorite among Googlers is biryani, which served only on Fridays.


Cafe Baadal


Take a further look inside this gourmet Indian restaurant at Google’s California campus:

This is the Buffet area:

Cafe Baadal


Overhead lanterns inside the restaurant.


Cafe Baadal


Being of Indian, even the walls of the restaurant are adorned with flags, Bollywood celebs’ photos, and maps of India.


Cafe Baadal


The restaurant even screen Bollywood movies on one wall.


Cafe Baadal


One interesting thing at Google’s cafeteria is that you won’t see any prices listed at menu because all cafeteria food is free here.


Cafe Baadal


Indian community at Cafe Baadal restaurant.


Cafe Baadal


This is all about Cafe Baadal restaurant at Google’s California campus. So, when you apply for a Google job, you know why it’s one of the most sought-after workplaces in the world.

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