12 Of The Most Insane Eating Competitions From Around The World

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10:00 am 13 Dec, 2015

Eating competitions are held around the world, and some among them have gone on for decades and centuries. From the most delicious eating contests (like ice cream eating) to the most bizarre competitions (like eating animal testicles), here are some of the insane eating competitions from around the world:


1. Crocodile Egg Eating Competition

Pataya Crocodile Farm hosts the weird crocodile egg eating competition where the goal is to eat ten crocodile eggs in the shortest period of time.


2. Oyster Eating World Championship

It is held every June in New Orleans, Louisiana where the participants compete with each other to win a cash price of 1,000 dollars.


3. World Garlic Eating Competition

It is held every year in Southern England. The person who eats the highest number of raw garlic cloves is awarded the championship. Till now, a man has set the record by chomping thirty three raw cloves in less than sixty seconds.


4. Hot Dog Eating Competition

Started in 1916, Nathan’s famous Hot Dog Eating Competition sees participants from all around the world trying to beat Joey Chestnut’s record of sixty-two hot dogs in just ten minutes.


5. Raw Onion Eating Championship

There is no limit to eating onions in Vidalia, Georgia. The raw onion eating championship has three categories –  five to eleven years, twelve to sixteen, and adult. Till now, the record by Russ Wagner, who ate ten raw onions in just a few minutes, still stands.


6. Coney Island Cupcake Eating Competition

It is held at Demo’s Wonder Wheel where a participant known as Stephanie ‘Xanadu’ managed to devour seventy one cupcakes in just eight minutes. For this competition, you have to eat cupcakes without using your hands!


7. Slug Burger Eating Competition

This competition is held at Corinth, Mississippi every year. Slug burger is a burger with deep fried beef dressed in mustard sauce with some raw onions and pickles. To break the record, you will need to eat forty-four slug burgers in ten minutes.


8. Donkey Penis Eating Competition

Beijing holds this unique eating competition. Whoever eats as much donkey penises as possible in thirty minutes is declared the winner.


9. Duck Embryo Eating Contest

This competition is held during the Hester Street Fair in New York City. Participants need to eat as much fertilized duck eggs as they can. To break the record, you will need to down at least eighteen duck eggs in thirty-seven seconds.


10. Butter Eating Competition

Consuming an entire butter stick is a terrible idea, but if you can do so, the butter eating competition is right for you. In 2001, Don Lerman ate seven quarter-pounds, which is equal to one-hundred-and-thirty-three gm of salted butter in just five minutes.


11. Ice-cream Eating Competition

This competition is held in various countries, but a participant from Florida has set a new record in this discipline by gulping down 7.1 liters (15 pints) of ice cream in just six minutes.


12. Testicle Tossing Competition

This festival is held in small towns of the US where participants need to gulp down as many animal testicles as they can in less than ten minutes.


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