5 Things That Separate Truly Innovative Workplaces From The Rest

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Updated on 10 Jul, 2016 at 1:40 pm


With the onset of the 21st century, business has taken a new turn. As the “startup era” dawns on the planet, more and more workplaces are incubating creativity and innovation coming from within the organization. While it can be contested just how many new companies with flatter hierarchy do well with employees as compared to big corporations, it is still largely accepted that companies with happy employees have the best innovations.

Here are a few things that set these workplaces apart:

1. Work flexibility

It is no surprise that the new world order and shrinking gender roles at home between couples are taking a toll on everyone’s work life. While it is helping women empowerment as men take turns to look after children, it is also increasing the stress at work where people are unable to be productive. And this is where smart companies know what they are doing – give flexibility. Work from home, at hours convenient to your home schedule.

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2. Productivity

With work flexibility, people are able to spend their lives in a more balanced way. The biggest reason perhaps is that flexibility allows for conflict resolution. When you have professional and personal lives conflicting, there’s little that you will be able to do on both fronts. But when you know you can do something later and focus on the other thing first, it allows for stress reduction and more productivity as there’s ample time and more reasons for the brain to focus.

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3. Employee happiness

Employee satisfaction is a direct result of work flexibility. Redesigning a whole business or office isn’t necessary, just let the employees off the hook and let their needs guide the work while at the same time keeping some rules on the table. And as they say, happiness is contagious. So one happy employee means the people he works with are happy and the chain continues. The productivity increases and people don’t want to leave. Therefore, happiness is a very economical investment for any workplace.

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4. Employee stability

It is a very simple calculation – when people are happy, they stay. Most people hop from one job to another looking for a better workplace. It ends up being a vicious circle. So, while it is a fact that today more people are job hopping than before, it is also important to remember that it can be fixed as many still want stable jobs and a happy workplace can ensure that.

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5. Innovation

Stress-free employees are more likely to have the time to think of creative ways to make work a more fun process. New ways of doing old things, new ways of doing new things, creating a new process or a method to do more work in less time – these are all the possibilities of an innovative mind when it is happy and loves the work it does. And smart companies foster this mentality because they know that they might just be a stress-free day away from a new employee breakthrough.

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